Friday, May 24, 2013

Sweet Breastfeeding Moments

Oh. Really, I think they are all sweet moments when breastfeeding.  And I really mean that.  I say that as a mom of a sick one year old who thinks the breast is the only place to be.  Yes, there are days like these when I might like a little more space for myself.  But I am all too aware that my days of breastfeeding are limited.  Soon he will be done.  And my dear husband and I believe this one to be the last of our babies.  So, barring a miracle when this baby weans I will be finished breastfeeding.  And that makes every moment nursing him sweet.  It also makes the memories of nursing the others sweet too.

The days are long but the years are short.  I wish I knew who said it first.  That saying is so true.  I find it much easier with this last baby to have perspective.  A 13 year old will do that to you.  Time has already flown once.  Can I slow it down for this one?  But what if this is your first baby?  A new mom just starting to master the art of breastfeeding. The days are SO long and no years have flown by yet.  What then?  How do you make it through?

I remember when Miss Froggie was a baby and mothers of grown children would say to me, "Oh, nursing is so sweet.  I miss those days".  It was all I could do to smile and nod.  Inside I was thinking something like, "what are you talking about?" I am just trying to make it through today.  Will I miss this?  Really?

YES! I already do!

So, some of those cliches are worth listening to:

Stop and smell the roses.

There will be days for cooking are cleaning, but children grow up while we are not looking.

This too shall pass.

Babies don't keep.

And yes, they are all sweet breastfeeding moments