Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin eating baby

 We have had a couple of activities for Halloween already and today I am going to my daughter’s school to carve pumpkins.  I think it is technically part of her science class.  I will have to update you later.  I found a friend to watch Jujube, but I am bringing the baby with me.  I had to laugh when my instructions said to be prepared to get messy.  I will be wearing the baby in my Moby wrap.   We will see if baby eats pumpkin.

Many of you have heard how much I enjoy the spacing of our children.  We have 7 years between the two middle kids.  I always wanted four kids (or more) and my husband thought he would enjoy two sets of two.  The timing also allowed me to go to school to become a nurse practitioner between babies.  The girls are big enough to help out a lot and give me more flexibility to have mom time.

I am finding Halloween is a slight downside.  Last year I took all the kids with friends who also had kids with a wide range of ages.  We had a lot of fun.  But this year we don't have friends like this to share Halloween.  Jujube (and I) got tired before the girls were done gathering candy last year.  I guess they decided to solve this problem by finding friends to trick or treat with.  They will have fun.  But they are growing up.  I am a little sad as it is the first time that I won't be going with them.  Tonight, when its cold and rainy and my husband takes Jujube out early and I stay warm with the baby, maybe I will feel better.  I think I will spend the time making pumpkin pie.  And if baby hasn't had his fill already maybe he can try some pumpkin before it turns into pie.

Anyway, here are some photos.

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