Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wish I had more...

Today on the breastfeeding blog hop we are sharing photos of breastfeeding.  So, I went through six years of photos.  More than eighteen months for each of my three older kids plus six months for the current baby.  And I discovered that Motherwear breastfeeding shirts last a long time.  From Virginia, to California, Texas, Washington, Ohio, and most places in between, those shirts, my babies, and I have been nursing all over the country.  I am not afraid to breastfeed in public, but apparently I am camera shy.  I have very few photographs of me actually nursing.  So I added a few photos I found on Flickr to my collage.  I hope you enjoy it.

Mother and children by blmurch on Flickr

DSC_7813 by Mothering touch  on Flickr
Breastfeeding baby by rkimpeljr on Flickr
Mother's Love by koshyk

Mother and children by blmurch, Breastfeeding baby by rkimpeljr
 DSC_7813 by Mothering touch, Mother's Love by koshyk all on Flickr