Friday, December 7, 2012

Breastfeeding gifts

There is a part of me that thinks that I should give you all the benefits of breastfeeding in general.  But I think instead I am going to write about the gifts that breastfeeding has given me specifically.  Hopefully I don’t get too personal for anyone’s sensibilities.
1)       I no longer have insomnia.  Before having my first daughter I had insomnia.  It took me at least thirty minutes to fall asleep and I frequently would wake up once or twice during the night.  I realized that I could wake my daughter up to nurse and I would fall asleep.  Horrible, I know.  But the process fixed my sleep problems, even when I went 5 years without nursing
2)      Weight loss while eating whatever I want.  I hate it when I quit breastfeeding and I have to watch what I eat again.  I’m not sure that we really save all the money on formula though, because we spend more on my food.
3)      Always having enough food for my baby.  I have often run out of diapers and clean clothes while out for the day or on vacation.  But I’ve always had enough milk (only because it’s attached).
Gift Boxes by FutUndBeidl on Flickr
4)      It may have saved my daughter’s life when she got pertussis at 3 weeks old because of the antibodies that are passed through breast milk from mother to baby.  And reduced countless other illnesses as well.
5)      Snuggle time
6)      Fewer dishes because of not washing bottles.
7)      Smart, healthy kids.
8)      Long periods of time without periods.
9)      As a small busted woman, I have enjoyed having some time being more ample busted.
10)   Passion.  I love breastfeeding.  I love helping other people breastfeed.  I love seeing the personalities of babies come out when they are days or even hours old.

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