Friday, December 14, 2012

Gift Ideas for a Breastfeeding Mom

For this topic, I think there are two different categories of breastfeeding mothers.  Those expecting  or recently given birth to their first baby and everyone else who is breastfeeding.  The new breastfeeding mom has a longer gift list in my opinion.  And here it is:
Lanolin cream
Disposable breast pads or cloth breast pads
Breastfeeding tank tops or camis
Breastfeeding bra 1-2, plus sleep bra
Burp cloths or cloth diapers for leaky babies and leaky breast.
A sling or wrap 
Breast shells  (These are different from breast shields.  Shells help the nipple to be in the easiest shape for latch, they are essential for new mom’s with flat or inverted nipples.  Mom wears them for about 30 minutes before feeding.  They can also help protect sore nipples from rubbing on clothes).
A waterproof crib pad (for under mom while she sleeps/leaks)
Breast pump (which one depends on how often mom will be pumping)
Milkies milk-saver  may be invaluable to mom’s who leak while baby is nursing
Breastfeeding shirts and dresses are nice (but not necessary) and great gifts!  Especially for moms who have been nursing a while.  So are breastfeeding pj's.
And maybe it is just me, but I think thinks for a good soak in bathtub are always great gifts for a mom!


  1. Thanks for linking up! A waterproof crib pad is definitely a good idea, especially since I put layers of baby blankets under me with my daughter.

  2. Love all these ideas!! So well thought out. My fave thing to give new mummas is a shower gel I love called 'Peace and Quiet' - always try to include something like that in the parcel of goodies for bubba. I couldn't find any in a hurry for my SIL so I gave her a little wooden massage thing instead. The look on her face said it was much appreciated!

  3. I never thought of a waterproof crib pad for me! I'll have to do that next time around. :)