Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rejoice January 19th-26th {Joy Dare}

This weeks gifts are listed below.  No huge changes in my daily habit.  Still struggling there.  Hopefully this week will be a breakthrough.
19th 3 gifts that might never have been
56 Miss Froggie
57 Sister’s hanging out and getting along
58 My sweet boys 

20th 3 gifts only seen close up
59 Financial challenges
60 Repetition/rhythm
61 God’s plan

21st A gift in sky, water, memory
62 Sunshine
63 Bath time with little boys
64  Grandparents

22nd A gift wrinkled, smooth, unfolded
65 Marriage
66 Baby skin
67 Laundry drying on the line

23rd 3 gifts found in Christ
68 Salvation
69 Purpose
70 Ministry

24th 3 things blue
71 Sweat pants
72 Sky
73  Eyes

25th A grace borrowed, found, inherited
74  DD10yo friend spending the night
75  Tax refund
76  China from my Great Grandmother

26th A grace before dawn, at noon, after dark
77  Snuggling/nursing baby
78 7th grader taking SATs
79 Faith Five after dinner

   I'm also still keeping up with Bible reading with Rachel and memorizing Romans.  Getting some exercise in, but not s much as I'd like.  How are you doing with your goals so far?

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