Friday, March 1, 2013

Ordinary {Five Minute Friday}

It is Friday and I am posting my Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo Baker.  Actually on Friday this time, instead of Sunday.  Must mean something is going right this week.  This is the time where we all come together and type for just five minutes on a prompt word.  No over thinking, no editing, just come as you are and everyone is welcome.  And this week our prompt is:



Ordinary.  Am I just an ordinary girl?  Of course, so why is it that I don't want to feel ordinary?
My heart desires to be special.  Unique.  Individual.  And of course I am that too.  How can that be?
How is it that both can be so true?  We are all special, unique and individual.
Yet, Jesus.  My Lord and God.  The Bible says he was ordinary.  Well, at least he appeared ordinary.  Yet He was divine.  He was content to give up heaven and live on earth as an ordinary man.  To save us from our sins.  But I struggle with ordinary.  With ordinary tasks.  Ordinary life.
When I think about it, I am convinced that to earthly eyes there is much ordinary.  Cooking, cleaning, little ones to watch, care for, grow up.  But spiritually there is no ordinary.  Spiritually we are on a great adventure with God.  Because He is not ordinary.  We just have to keep our spiritual eyes open and looking at Him to see our lives as He does.


He had no stately form or majesty that might catch our attention,
no special appearance that we should want to follow him.
Isaiah 53:2b


  1. yes! every day, in fact, is a great adventure with our God. and we are no ordinary individuals on the journey with Him.
    keeping my eyes on Him with you,

  2. So encouraging!! Thank you for these beautiful words and love looking at Him to see our lives as He does... Amen!!

  3. We did have similar posts! They say great minds think alike. Have a lovely weekend and thank you for stopping by my blog.

  4. Keep our spiritual eyes open--such a good reminder. Thank you so much and be blessed:)

  5. will never cease to be amazed at the fact that to Him, we are each one unique and extraordinary!

  6. Loved this... and missed you last night!