Monday, March 11, 2013

Rejoice {Gifts Mar4-Mar10}

I am still counting the gifts that God gives each day as part of a dare to count to 1000 gifts.  It is also part of Rejoice as my theme word for 2013.  It started by reading Ann Voskamp's book A Thousand Gifts and the prickling in my heart to be more aware and grateful for all the blessings God provides each day in big and small ways.  Here are my gifts for this week:


4th 3 Gifts hard to give thanks for
198  financial challenges
199  too cold to plant garden
200  Sophie's brain cancer

5th 3 Gifts found
201  refund check
202  clay pot
203  photo of hubby at 4 years old

6th A Gift bent, broken, beautiful
204 iPhone
206 snowy trees
207 SnowDay off from school and work from home

7th 3 Gifts in the kitchen
207 homemade nachos
208 working microwave
209 a box of cookie cutters

8th  3 Gifts loud
210 toy train
211 kids playing
212 helicopter
213 car started

9th 3 Gifts carved
214  wooden trains from grandpa
215  Precious Moments sold on Ebay
216  Stein from Germany

10th 3 Gifts in Christ
217 Sabbath and family day (park and monopoly)
218 John Chapter 1
219 sunlight and SonLight

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