Monday, March 4, 2013

Rejoice in God's gifts {Feb 25-Mar 3}

Here are this weeks gifts for the 1000 gifts Joy Dare and I am linking up with Multitudes on Mondays so you can check out other people's gifts too.

25th A Gift worn out, new, made do
172 Sofa
173 Bed frame
174 Pots
175 Full Moon, Clear Night
176 Baby giggles and baby smell

26th 3 Gifts reflected
177 Tea light candle in "church
178 Moonlight
179  Son's light in Christians
180 Safe travel

27th 3 Ugly beautiful gifts
181 Kitchen counter
182 My pride, God's grace
183 My toes
184 Dressed when the cable guy arrived early
185 Tax refund

Feb 28th 3 Gifts from the past that help you hope for the future
186  Move to Amarillo
187  How I met hubby
188  Credentialing at Seattle Children's Hospital

1st 3 Gifts at 3pm
189  DD10yo friends
190  Netflix
191  Terrible awful no good very bad day

2nd 3 Gifts green
192  Seedlings
193  Leeks reborn
194  Egg frog

3rd 3 Gifts wore
195  Wedding ring
196  Black and white sweater
197 Black T-shirt

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