Friday, October 5, 2012

Arguments with myself

I argue with myself. Sometimes it feels like there are two of me.

One of me wants to be a physician with one or two kids in a big city with a big fancy house and a maid and nanny to go with it. This person likes fast and easy and agrees with traditional medicine. She wants a super successful husband with a nice car and fancy vacations. She can afford to buy local organic fruits and veggies, grass fed beef and free range eggs and chicken.

The other me wants to be a stay at home mom with at least six kids on a farm. She does not want someone else to clean her house or teach her kids. She homeschools, makes everything from scratch, grows most of it in her back yard. She has a dairy cow and chickens. She is into sustainable living. She works with her husband on the farm with the kids and that's all they need. She is suspicious of anything that hasn't been around for 200 years.

These two me's agree on few things. They both love Jesus. They both want to be healthy and do what's best for the family. But this looks different to each of them. One cares what the newest research says and the other wants to how things were done 50 or 100 years ago.

You may see me argue with myself on this blog about full fat dairy, raw milk, immunizations, the value of kids activities, etc, etc. And you can chime in with why you believe as you do. But please be respectful of both me's :)

I will never be able to be just one or the other. Somewhat because it is unlikely that I will be a rich physician or a farm wife any time soon. In this Jesus is showing me how to be content with the life He has for me. And right now with a tight budget and no farm, some of the choices I would like to make are not in reach.

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