Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Needy babies

I have all sorts of topics I want to post on: ear infections, the flu, butter, corn syrup, television, parenting styles, and on and on.  I want to provide you with current research and great links on each of these topics, not just tell you what I learned in school.  Or what I do with my kids.
On that note, attachment parenting comes very close to describing my parenting style.  I don't subscribe to it 100%,  but I'm close.
It has been described as time intensive for mothers.  I don't usually feel like it is that much work.  In fact, attachment parenting feels very natural to me.  Schedules and crying it out would be more foreign for me.  However, today I'm questioning my choice.  Not because of research, or a change in my philosophy.  But today, I Can't Get Anything Done!  I have dishes to wash, laundry to catch up on, blog research to do...
Right now I'm sitting on the floor in the play room poking out this entry with one finger on the iPad .  Jujube, my nickname for the three year old, is coloring and the baby is getting tummy time.  They both want to be with me.  This morning they are not content playing by themselves while I research and work on the blog.
And so I start thinking, maybe I'm doing this wrong.  Maybe we should have a routine that includes me putting the baby on a feeding schedule instead of feeding on demand.  Maybe I should have naptime at the same time everyday and just let baby and Jujube cry it out until they get used to it.  I don't think it is wrong to parent this way, but it does not describe how I have usually parented.  At the same time, I have and will continue to let the baby cry when I REALLY need to get something done.  You know, for five minutesbwhile I shower.  Apparently it is a needy day.  Maybe bcause ofvthe cold.  And when one is needy, so is the other.  So the work will wait until the needs change or Miss Froggie gets home from school and can help with the little ones.

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