Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday ePlanner Giveaway

There are 45 days left until Christmas. I already feel behind. I just could not make myself think about it before Halloween. But now it is already the 9th of November. More than a week slipped by…Anyway, I received a Holiday ePlanner from Jennifer Tankersley the end of October and I decided I better get working on it NOW. It is amazing. Everything I could need to plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas in a downloadable PDF.

One of the reasons that I am going to use the planner is to that I can plan out our activities and everything I need to do wisely. I want the holidays to be intentional. And about Jesus and family. And I don't want to miss that part of the season or lessen anyone else's enjoyment by my being unorganized. Plus, I want to do the things that really matter and point to Jesus and his birth not just be busy doing all the things there are to do.

Money is tight this year and I have found that when I am not super organized Christmas costs more than it has to. I am hoping budget sections of the ePlanner will help too.

The PDF is writable so you can type in all your information and save it or print it for a Holiday Binder. I am learning more and more how much I like my paper and pencil though, so I printed mine out and started writing things in. And just then I realized that I really should look at Pinterest to find a Thanksgiving center piece that I can make for the table. That is the great thing about the ePlanner, it reminds of things while there is still time to get it done.

Now, honestly, I am not going to use the Christmas card name and address list. Only because my husband has it in an Excel Spreadsheet that prints the labels for us. He is more computer savvy than I am. If the cards were up to me I would probably have my lists in three different address books and then I would definitely need to use the ePlanner’s list.
I have really only mentioned a few parts of this Holiday Planner. But you can win one for yourself and see how great it is. Just share your best holiday organizing tip in the comments section and Wednesday (November 14th) I will put all the names in a hat and randomly draw three winners. Woo Hoo!

But, you don’t have to wait for the giveaway? You could order your own Holiday ePlanner – for just $5.00!

Then after you get yours, be sure to use it. Sometimes I get myself all organized and everything would have been great, if I was disciplined enough to use it. Maybe I will use the blog to hold myself accountable.


  1. I organize for the holidays using Organized Christmas website (
    It provides tons of printables for my Christmas planner, checklists to stay on top of things, and daily updates to help you stay on track. It has been the best resource I have found so far!

    1. Alyssa, that is a great resource you provided. I had not seen it before. Thanks. An thanks for checking out my blog.

    2. You won the Holiday ePlanner. I need your email address to send it to you.