Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving madness

The holiday season has officially begun at our house.  I say this because my parents are in town, the Thanksgiving food has been purchased and the preparations have started.  The holiday busyness started for us this past weekend.  We had an out of town gymnastics meet, and in town cheerleading awards night both on the same day for different girls.  I was so thankful that my mom was in town to help us get everyone to the right place at the right time.  It was a challenge to get photos of the girls while keeping the boys safe and under control. The baby decided gymnastics mats were a good place to try to crawl and Jujube found some boys to chase and tackle. Football may be in our future. Afterward I was exhausted. 
It must have been exhausting for the boys too, because that night after we finally fell into bed and had gotten an hour or two of sleep, Jujube woke up with croup.  And in the morning the baby had a congested nose.  It always happens that way.  When life is busy, and especially if mom is busy, then the kids get sick.  I have seen it so many times when mom has a getaway planned the kids get sick.

Luckily, last night Jujube’s croup was gone and the baby has not gotten a croupy cough.  But I was up spraying his nose with baby nose saline and deciding whether to bulb suction his nose or not.  But I missed an opportunity.  I am new to recording everything for my blog.  And it did not occur to me to videotape the croup so you could hear what a barky cough and stridor sound like.  I am also pretty sure that my hubby would have been slightly less than pleased if I had woken him up in the middle of the night to videotape me suctioning the baby’s nose.   But I am learning, and I will do better next time.  Next week I plan to blog about croup and maybe I’ll have an example of the cough and stridor (hopefully someone else’s kid).  This week I’ll keep the topics pretty light.  Here are some pictures from our weekend.

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