Saturday, January 12, 2013

Accountability time

The second weekend in January and time for me to post on how I've been doing with my goals.  In case you missed what these goals are I will relist them here:

Relationship with God
1.  Scripture Memory
2.  Joy Dare
3.  Read Bible in a Year
4.  Learn to pray without ceasing (in the midst of doing life)

Relationship with others
1.  Schedule time
2.  Be intentional
3.  Pray for more ideas

Other stuff
1.  Exercise 90 minutes a week
2.  Get enough sleep
3.  Pray about job

Breastfeeding Goals
1.  Breastfeed baby (the entire year Lord willing) and then wean early 2014.
2.  Write a weekly post for the breastfeeding bloghop.
3.  Take one continuing education class on breastfeeding.
4.  Explore ways to support or encourage a culture of breastfeeding.
5.  Pray about my long term goals related to breastfeeding.

OK, so wow!  15 goals.  I hadn't really written it out this way before.  So here is the update.
I am on track for  memorizing Romans Chapters 1, 8 and 12 this year, which means I memorized Romans 1:1-4.  So far I am keeping up with Bible reading.  I have been praying a little more, so I guess I am on track but not where I want to be. Now, here is my Joy Dare for the week, but I got behind and had to catch up.  I haven't really made this a habit yet.

7th Three Graces From People You Love
19.  Jujube saying grace
20.  Birthday presents from my mom
21.  Mamamama with a toothy grin from baby
8th Dusky Light Surprising Reflection Lovely Shadow
22.  Bedtime routine with Jujube
23.  A walk to the dentist
24.  Marriage = shadow of Jesus and his bride

9th A gift held passed by sat with
25.  The baby
26.  The kitchen
27.  Jujube snuggles and toy room play

10th A gift sour, sweet, just right
28.  A friend couldn’t come to MOPS, but it allowed me to get to know others better
29.  Chick-fil-A sauce on nuggets
30.  Lunch with new friends while littles play

11th 3 yellow gifts of fresh mercy
31.  Safety on the road
32.  Encouragement for courage and bravery
33.  Exercise and Fun at the Zoo
34.  Embracing my “yellow” personality

I guess I scheduled time for friends and Jujube this week with MOPS and the Zoo.  But I need to schedule time for Dear Husband and the girls.  And I have lots of work to do to improve being present and intentional during the times we get.  It is way to easy for me to be multitasking because of all there is to do. Between the zoo and the walk to the dentist I got all the 90 minutes of exercise in.  I think this counts. I did NOT get enough sleep.  Usually because I went to bed too late.  I breastfed the baby and wrote my post for the breastfeeding bloghop, but that is all I did for breastfeeding goals.  Please pray for us and God's will for me and a job.  We are at a place where we will have to cut some more from the budget for me to continue to stay home.  Most of the easy cuts have been made.  So now the only left to do is cut kids activities or start bringing in more money. And cutting gymnastics is so hard...

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