Thursday, January 17, 2013

I breastfeed and ...

do just about everything.  After breastfeeding for a total of 65 months and counting, I think as a mother of 4 kids that is required. Today on the breastfeeding bloghop we are talking about breastfeeding and multitasking and/or being green.  So what things do I recommend partnering with breastfeeding and what things would I avoid?  For some reason, writing this post is totally cracking me up.  I read it to my husband to see if I have forgotten anything and the faces he made gave me the giggles.    So, I haven't actually done ALL of the things I recommend avoiding, and I'm not telling which ones. 

Things to do while breastfeeding:
Type (yes, you can learn to type one handed and use capitals)
Check homework
Chase your two or three year old in the park
Push a grocery cart
Pump the other side
Talk to a friend (in person or on the phone)
Eat or drink something cold
Attend a wine tasting
Shop at the mall
Take a bath
Singing in church
Flying (as passenger in an airplane)

Things to avoid:

Driving (passenger or otherwise)
Cook dinner
Eat or drink something hot
Go to the bathroom
Take a shower (baby gets too slippery)
Teach a college class

I have actually taught Sunday school while breastfeeding.  I think this takes some discretion and knowledge of the families in the class.  One of the three year olds asked me a lot of questions about nursing and I had to discuss the whole thing with her mother afterward.  Had it been a different mother it might have been an awkward conversation.
One thing in the news today that I have not done is cross- nursing.  I have not nursed someone else' s baby or let someone else nurse mine.  And unlike the Kardashians I don't intend to.  I'm not saying milk sharing is bad.  But be sure you know the medical   history of the milk donor.


  1. I SO wish we could safely and legally nurse and drive(you know in an imaginary world.) It would've saved my girl so much screaming and crying in the first few months!

    1. Oh me to! I dream of a safe suspended car seat where you can hold and nurse baby in the car. Too bad I'm not an engineer.

  2. We didn't milk share either. I know families that have donated milk, but it's been to people they know personally. Thanks for joining us this week.

    1. Giving breast milk to someone you know who needs it makes a ton of sense.

  3. I love that you've taught Sunday school while breastfeeding. More kids needs to grow up learning the real function of breasts rather than continuing on with the sexualization of them.

    1. Thanks Mystika! I agree our culture does over sexualize breasts and this influences how people feel about breastfeeding. When I was teaching breastfeeding Miss Froggie was 2 and she thought nipple was the more normal word in the world. Now she is 12 and her opinion has changed.