Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Line drying in the snow

I am a little bit greener today.  I have finally purchased a clothesline.  This is what I got:
 Now, I am not actually sure if I got the best product.  I got it because 1) it was relatively cheap, 2) Amazon had it in stock, 3) it was indoor/outdoor and I could move it and 4) it was "umbrella" style. It has been a while, but I have had an outdoor clothesline before when we lived in Texas.  (Seattle is not the optimal place to use a clothesline.)  In one house we had the kind with two attachments mounted on the fence with pulleys.  I'm not sure what my problem was, but I found this clothesline very hard to use efficiently.  The other one was the same design as my new one, but it was buried in the ground.  I really liked this one, but it is the middle of winter and winter lasts longer in Ohio than in Texas.  And I am not sure how much I will like hauling wet clothes up from the basement to hang outside.  So I can use this one today while it is 20 degrees outside and snowing.  And this spring if I am actually hauling all the clothes to hang outside I may get a bigger permanent one for the backyard. 
 Then I had to get clothes pins. Miss Frogie is so cute and smart.  She took these photos of the clothes pins so I would have them for the blog.

And here it is all filled with clothes.  I also discovered why I was not a physics major in college.  And why these tripods usually spin.  It is a bad idea to fill all of one side before moving on to the next side.  It will tip over.  I am not sure this one is actually supposed to spin.  If I had it up higher than it would not spin.  But I am liking it for now and feeling a little more environmentally friendly.  Of course DD10yo (dear daughter 10 years old) found her pants on it this morning when she was looking for school clothes.  She told me not to do that again to her clothes, they felt funny.  I figure I will let them dry on the line and then tumble them for a few minutes to get them to feel better.  Any thoughts or ideas?
Note:  I paid for my clothesline and am not being paid for my comments.

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