Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rejoicing in this weeks gifts

It has already been another week in January.  I cannot believe how fast the weeks go by.  I have still not gotten the daily habit of each days gifts.  But even naming them in fits and spurts has been a blessing and cause for rejoicing!  But a do believe that the best growth happens slowly and consistently, not by fits and spurts, so I will try again to do better this week at naming my gifts daily. 

12th Something above below beside
35. Hardwood trees
36. A yard
37. My husband
13th  3 things about yourself you are grateful for
38. Petite
39. Discernment
40. Compassion
14th 3 startling graces of God
41. He gave up His Son for me
42. I can start new every day
43. I am not too much for Him
15th A gift worn given away shared
44. Bracelets
45. Time for a friend
46. Necklace, handheld blender, computer, kindle
16th 3 witnessed blessings
47. Another year of life
48. A child finding friends at church
49. Celebrations large and small
17th A gift bringing laughter prayer quiet
50. Pillow fight with kids
51. Blogging friends
52. MOPS day out
18th 3 gifts from God’s word
53. Song of Songs 4:7
54. Proverbs 18:24
55. Matt 5:4

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