Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rejoice in this week's gifts

I am participating in the Joy Dare this year and posting it on my blog to keep me accountable.  The Joy dare gives three prompts for each day of the year.  Sometimes it will be very clear how my gift relates to the prompt, and sometimes it may not seem to relate at all.  I plan on posting it on the weekend and linking up with Ann Voskamp on Mondays.

1st Three Gifts Heard
 1. The Baby starting to babble.
 2. Jujube saying "Thank you, you are my good mommy”.
 3. The noise of a bustling house full of happy kids. 

2nd Outside inside on a plate
 4. Snow on trees and grass but not streets
 5. Central heating
 6. Strawberry cheesecake

3rd 3 graces overheard
7. Passion 2013
8. Not sick in December
9. FMFParty

4th A gift old new blue
10. A (old) car that works
11. Healthy kids
12. Sun and a blue sky

5th Something you are reading, making, seeing
13. EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey
14. Mimosa soup and homemade yogurt
15. Life slowed down

6th One thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart
16. Coupons
17.  Cultures for health (San Francisco sourdough and Bulgarian yogurt cultures)
18.  Jesus and that he saved me


  1. Oh how I love the sound of a babbling baby!

    1. Isn't baby babble just so sweet. Trying to take the time to enjoy it.

  2. Aww love this, and central heating and cheesecake:) I read that book by Dave Ramsey it was great!Have a great weekend!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. Yes that was a pretty good day :) Warm and toasty, looking out a snowy window, and reading a good book...of course, with four kids it didn't happen all at once or last very long.