Sunday, February 24, 2013

Five Minute Friday...on Sunday

I think it goes without saying that life has been a little busy if I miss the Five Minute Friday Twitter Party and I don't get to my Five Minute Friday post until Sunday night.  Let's just say that hubby is out of town, I am writing resumes and looking for a job.  Oh, and Miss Froggie had water spilled all over her laptop.  Which means I am sharing this one with her.  All that adds up to very little time left over with a computer to write on.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.

So, the prompt for this week is: What Mama Did

What Mama Did
My Mama was a Navy wife.  To me that means she did it all.  Sometimes with Dad gone for six months or more at a time.  She ran the daily round, got it all done, packed us up and moved us to a new town all by herself.  Friends called her Donna Reed.  I think that is because we had family dinner and she always had a smile on her face.

But, you don't really know what Mama did until you have been with her on a trip!  Trips with Mama require a vacation from your vacation!  Also meticulously planned with activities that each person would enjoy.  And the only "down" time was the time it took to drive there in a car!  And oh the vacations we took.  By the time I started college I had been to all but three of the United States.  And I had been to France and Italy!  Sometimes it helps to have a dad in the excuse to visit.

We drove across country, went spelunking, hiking in Yellowstone, swimming in the ocean on both coasts.  Train trips, car trips, and airplane rides.  Only boat trips were left to dad.  That is what my Mama did.


  1. Yellowstone Park?! You too? We were carted there as well as kids. We went to Mount Rushmore, the flat mountain from the UFO movie with Richard Dreyfuss, and many more. I've got tons of pictures of monuments and parks. Must be a military family thing.

    1. It must be, because I too have Mount Rushmore and many other monuments! Thanks for reading!