Monday, February 25, 2013

Rejoice Feb 16th- Feb 24th

Feb 16th 3 Gifts in shadows
140  Back pain
141  Interrupted sleep
142  Relationship challenges

Feb 17th 3 Gifts found giving/serving
143  Endless housework; prayer time for me and mine
144  "Mom, where can I serve?"
145  "Yum, this is good!"

Feb 18th 3 Gifts on paper
146  Car title
147  Gratitude List
148  Diploma

Feb 19th 3 Gifts that were plan B's
149  Hot running water and a bath
150  Home in Ohio
151  Change in thesis topic
152  Motorcycle/Bus

Feb 20th A Gift at breakfast, lunch, and dinner
153   Oh, honey!
154  Homemade tortillas with butter and lentil dahl.
155  "Wait, you forgot! What was your best part of day, Mommy?"

Feb 21st 3 Gifts white
156  Resume Paper
157  Fluffy clouds
158  Flour
159 Jujube's half birthday!

Feb 22nd 3 Gifts that changed today
160  Job referral
161  9mo Well Baby visit
162  Date night
163 Delayed start on school day off
164 Sleepover with friend
165 Brother's birthday

Feb 23rd A gift of tin, glass, wood
166  St. Patrick's Day door plaque
167  Antique beveled glass powder box from great grandma

168 Grandmother clock from hubby's grandpa

Feb 24th 3 Gifts before 11am
169  Coupons in the paper
170  Coffee with cream and sugar
171  Good Sermon on respectable sins: Apathy


  1. Love this list:) is your back okay???

    1. Mostly. I have had chronic back pain for years. It mostly only makes it hard to fall asleep...which sometimes leads to increased prayer time :)