Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day, Breastfeeding, and Sex

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I am so happy to be joining up with Sisters 'N Cloth for the Valentine's edition of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop!  And so today we tackle the slightly scandalous topic of breastfeeding and sex.  Actually, talking about sex and breastfeeding should not be scandalous at all.  For almost all of us, the former is what eventually led to the later.  And it is only natural that at some point after the birth of a baby, we would resume being intimate.  Actually I highly recommend it.  It is all too easy to be tired and worn out from mommy duty and not have as much time for each other as a couple.

Each couple is going to be very different how they work this out.  But, it is worth it!  Even if your only desire is to keep your baby daddy from being jealous of the baby.  Now, if this is your first baby and you haven't quite gotten back in the groove, here are a couple of things to know:

1.  You might "let down" and spray milk everywhere when you orgasm.
2.  You might need a lubricant, because there is less vaginal lubricant while breastfeeding.
3.  You may go a long time without ovulating while breastfeeding, and this could effect your desire.
4.  It is perfectly ok for breasts to be a part of love-making.  Your partner will not contaminate your nipples or steal the baby's next meal

Today I was blessed to hear a group of guys commenting that women don't have an "on" switch that gets us in the mood in a hurry.  We take more time to warm up to the idea of physical intimacy.  And we want emotional intimacy before physical intimacy.  But maybe, after letting our guys know that we are crockpots and not microwaves, we can help them keep the crockpot on during the day with little reminders to ourselves.  Something to make yourself feel like a WOMAN instead of just a mommy.


  1. In the first few months of breastfeeding, I usually wear my nursing bra (with pads) during sex to avoid the milk mess. Breastfeeding does work as birth control for me (one year with my first, two years with my second) so that's a plus for lovemaking... but my hubby can totally tell when my cycle starts again, because he says I get horny and then we get pregnant again! :)

  2. I agree that we should definitely make time with our husbands. My husband was great in understanding that I am a crockpot, especially our first few times having sex after our daughter was born.