Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rejoice Jan 27th - Feb 9th

Well, its been too long since I updated my Joy Dare List so I have included it today.  I have also been wrestling with God on going back to work. I don't really have it all worked out in my mind yet, although I know God does.  I previously wrote about why I am now a stay at home mom.  I still believe everything I wrote there.  Honestly, I wholeheartedly agree that moms should be home with their babies. I do.  But I wouldn't be able to prove it by my past actions.  I cannot explain this belief alongside the knowledge that God called me to work before and that He is calling me to go back to work now.  I have been resisting.  I'd like to pretend that I am all on board now.  But some days I am and some days I am not.  The funny thing is, once I do it, I know I will love it.  I love serving kids and families through my work.  I do not know exactly where He is sending me to work.  But right now I am praying that it is part time and/or that I get off work by the time the girls are out of school.  And so, I have been updating my resume and soon will send it out.  Depending on what happens, my blog may take some turns.  But I do plan to keep blogging and I am excited to see where God is taking me, and us.  I am honored that you read my blog and stuck with me to hear my struggle with returning to work.

27th Three Gifts in the kitchen
80.  San Francisco Sourdough culture
81.  Bulgarian yogurt culture and yogurt maker
82.  Candles

28th 3 Graces found in friends
83.  Encouragement
84.  Motivation
85.  Energy

29th A song heard, a soft word, light seen
86. Hallelujah
87. "I love you  mommy"
88.  Mission Statement hard to write if avoiding God's call

30th 3 old things seen new
89. New Testament in The Message version
90. Eucharist
91. my calling

31st A gift on paper, in person, in a picture
92.  48 days to a job you love
93. Job contact
94.  Granny

1st 3 Gifts Red
95.  Red breastfeeding dress
96.  Valentine's Welcome door decoration
97.  Red frosted sugar cookies

2nd 3 Gifts on paper
98. Photographs
99.  Jujube's artwork
100.  Coupons

3rd 3 Gifts in writing
101.  Blogging friends
102.  Scripture memory work
103.  Self discovery

4th 3 Gifts found while bent down
104.  Money in the laundry
105.  Full drawers of baby clothes
106.  Baby crawling

5th A gift stitched, hammered, woven
107. Stitched jeans
108. Bookshelves
109.  Warm blankets

6th 3 Gifts outside
110.  Pure White Snow
111.  Bright Red Cardinal
112.  Bare Trees

7th Gift at 1130, 230, and 630
113.  Lunch with Jujube and Baby
114.  Miss Froggie home from school
115.  Dinner as a family

8th A gift broken, fixed, thifted
116.  Precious Moments figurine
117.  Car
118.  Dresser

9th  3 Surprise gifts- unexpected grace!
119.  State Income Tax return early!
120.  Guest for dinner
121.  Blue sunny sky

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