Friday, February 8, 2013

Bare {Five Minute Friday}

It is Friday and after having a blast at the #FMFparty twitter party, I'm writting along with many others on the one word prompt that Lisa-Jo Baker picked for us and I'm linking up with them again.  The beauty of it is that it is midnight I only have 5 minutes and I'm told not to edit or over-analyze.  Often in these times it seems God speaks more clearly, at least to me.  Tonight I am one handed and joined by baby.  So here it goes:


Jesse Bear what will you wear in the morning? Jesse Bare what will you wear at night?
You can't go outside, you have bare feet.  "Silly mommy, I don't have bear feet.  I have Jujube feet".

Oh, the things the word bare brings up in me.  Mostly silly fun things.  And yet I know, there will be a time when I am laid bare before Him!  And He was laid bare for me on the cross.

Why is it that as kids being bare is silly and fun, no cause for shame at all?  But as we grow, age, mature, being bare is uncomfortable, embarrassing, shameful, painful? 

What is it that I am covering up?  I know I cannot really hide anything from Him.  But I am often successful at hiding things from myself.  At least temporarily.

I came into the world bare and I will return to Him bare.  I might as well get comfortable that way.  But oh, He will cover me.  And that will be the day.

Blessed 8  are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered. 
Romans 4:7 NET Bible


  1. Hi Nataline,
    so grateful He does cover us when we are bare before Him...yes, grateful He covers my sins with Christ's righteousness...and oh, to be free like little ones...cute pic...blessings :)

  2. OH friend, this. That He covers me, in my nakedness, my shame, when my laid bare before Him is full of hurt and pain. So beautiful!

  3. It is interesting how we transition from children so free and unrestrained by our bodies and souls and then we grow up into more insecurity and fear and shame. To know the freedom of being bare and yet covered by Him. Yes, that is true freedom! I love the contrast you brought up here, great write this week! Loved it. I am picturing my little guy running wild and free through the yard in the summer no matter how hard we tried to keep his shorts on. ;)

  4. Yes He will cover us!! Awesome post!!

  5. Yes to live like our littles - naked and unashamed! It seems the more we learn to clothe ourselves with Him - the more we are willing to be laid bare! LOVE this... and the photo too!

  6. Oh my! This was like chocolate with my early morning coffee this morning. Nataline - just thank you for you insight. To be laid bare before our Saviour and have Him cover us? You're right what a day that will be!!