Thursday, February 7, 2013

Breastfeeding Love

I am linking up with Sister's N Cloth for the Breastfeeding Blog hop today.  And in honor of Valentine's Day we are writing about the things we love about breastfeeding.  In general I just plain love breastfeeding.  If you want to see all the reasons I love breastfeeding and why look at this post.  Today I  thought I would be super sappy in honor of Valentine's Day and write a poem.

Love, how I love, the way God made our bodies to be
a gift for of life for baby and me.
How incredible that the food my breast's provide
changes as baby's days fly by.
 Something that only I can do for you
I can't delegate this one but I don't want to.

Nestled close up against me, he starts to nurse
almost frantic as he begins.
Arms and legs squirming head bobbing.
Then comes the pins and needles of let down
the soft gulping of baby, the squirming all gone
He ends relaxed and asleep,

I know these days will end too soon even though
I expect we still have a year to go
But I've been here before with babes who came first
The beginning weeks are always the worst
This sweet snugly bonding time won't last nearly as long as I'd like
So this time I try to slow down and enjoy the ride.


  1. I wish I knew you when I was breastfeeding or at least when I was TRYING too!! UGH major fail on my part!! I love your heart it is so beautiful!!!

  2. I'm sorry it feels like a major fail Jennifer. I wish I'd known you too. Sometimes a happy sane mommy is more important than breastfeeding. But helping mom's breastfeed is a major passion for me. I'm hoping this blog helps some mom's with it.

  3. What a sweet poem! And that picture - total melt!! I'm so thankful for the beautiful way God designed our bodies to function, too :) ~Melissa